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Why us – Why you?

Are you at a cross roads?

Are you looking to change your career or direction?

Do you want to rebuild your confidence?

Then you need to join our Review, Restart and Renew programmes which take you through our 5 stages of building your self-esteem


1 to 1 Coaching

Professional Development Workshops

Personality Profiling


Confidence Building Workshops

Impact & Influencing Programmes

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Empowerment Programmes

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The 5 stages of building self-esteem

Stage 1

Where am I today, who have I become and why

Stage 2

Building confidence to move forward

Stage 3

Understanding myself and others

Stage 4

Supporting self and others

Stage 5

Taking Action

What do we do

We ask the right questions, we listen, we explore with you and ensure we are able to provide you with what you need. If we don’t have it, we will hook you up with one of our professional associates who can.

For the Employer

We work across all business sectors preparing current and future leaders to become more Emotionally Intelligent, Resilient and motivational professionals, whilst positively helping organisations with retention and career development.

For the Individual

We carefully review where you are now and where you want to be. Using professional profiling, 1 to 1 coaching and confidence building workshops – we help you find your pathway.


Performance Coaching

Duration: 1 Hour

Target Audience: New Leaders – Professional profiling & feedback

Delivery Type: Virtual & Face to Face

Content: Explore areas for performance and confidence improvement & action planning for objectives

Confidence Building

Duration: 1 Hour

Target Audience: Introduction to other programmes

Delivery Type: Virtual

Content: Where confidence comes from and limiting beliefs

Smart Women

Duration: Evening/weekend event

Target Audience: Networking with other women, with speakers

Delivery Type: Virtual

Content: Imposter syndrome, Resilience, Mind growth, Assertiveness, Mentoring & Coaching Techniques, Well-being and self-worth


Overcoming fear of presentations

Duration: 2 Day course

Target Audience: For those dreading that presentation or public speaking

Delivery Type: Face to Face & virtual

Content: Understanding what the audience wants, self-belief and strengths – ice breaking techniques

Personal Impact – Influence & Impact

Duration: 1 Day

Target Audience:New and aspiring leaders

Delivery Type: Virtual

Content: Handling difficult conversations, feedback and managing others


Inspirational Leadership

Duration: 3 Day course

Target Audience: New and aspiring leaders. Includes behaviour profiling – handling stress and building confidence.

Content: Relationships, Behaviour Types, Understanding self and others, Influencing & Motivating

Middle Manager Development Programme

Duration: 2 – 5 Days


Women in leadership Development Programme

Duration: 4 Days

Target Audience: Women who want to progress but fear the impact of success or failure. This is not just about promotions at work, it is about moving to a new career or lifestyle.

This 4-day residential programme which includes reflection and self-repair sessions in the evenings.

Content: This programme takes on a journey looking at limiting beliefs, Personal Branding, Managing self pressure, celebration of achievements, Influencing and personal impact. Overcoming past and looking forward plus elements of the Smart Women programme
(Assertiveness, wellbeing and self worth)

Supervisor Development Programme

Duration: 2-8 Days

Target Audience: Aspiring Team Leaders, Current Team Leaders/Supervisors who have had little or no management development. Days 1 & 2 are mandatory with others being option based.

Aspiring / New to managing others – 8 Days
CPD for existing first line leaders – 5 Days
CPD for New Middle managers who need to refresh skills – 3 Days

Content: Series of  8 workshop exploring: Preparing to study, CPD portfolio building, Management of legal and welfare responsibilities, developing problem solving skills, Motivating self an others, Getting the best from people, performance management, managing conflict and feedback skills. Appraisals.  

Profiling available: DISC, Thomas or Myers Briggs.

Coaching & Mentoring for leaders

Duration: 3 Days

Target Audience: Open to all levels (little or no training or experience of coaching or mentoring).

This 3-day programme is delivered via a series of face to face, research and webinar learning methods.

Content: Understanding learning & communication styles, mentoring using a coaching style, pure mentoring and coaching. Impact of quality coaching, improving awareness of self and others. improving performance and communication skills (self and others).

Building an Emotionally Aware Team

Duration: 3 Days

Target Audience: Teams of up to 24 participants.

This 3-day on-site programme has been designed to strategically align your team’s understanding of their impact on business and stakeholders (Also known as ‘The Team Branding’ programme).

Content: This series of workshops looks at: Understanding self and others, handling difficult conversations, feedback, team branding, Behaviour profiling and team /associate standards. Profiling available: DISC, Thomas or Myers Briggs.

What clients say about us



I have never attended such a rewarding course with such amazing women. It gives you a safe space to Reflect, learn and engage, which enables you to feel empowered to move forward.
The trainers are skilled and so aware of the delegates feelings managing to adjust the course effectively rather than just going through the motions. I felt so privileged to hear what others have gone through within the group and what they have achieved already in their busy lifestyles, the bond and admiration for each other became strong and powerful.

Prior to attending this course, I felt I was at a bit of a crossroads in life and had completely forgotten what I had already achieved and who I was, my brand which had been so strong in the past was a little lost. I now have full insight that it’s me that can change things, I can’t change others, and the tools to understand this are given clearly within the course along with much more.


I found Teri incredibly easy to open to and that is because you are insightful and compassionate. You don’t just say the right things (anybody can develop that skill) but when you share insights people listen and absorb what you say – I know I did. More importantly that empowers people to reflect and take action rather than just talk about doing it “one day”. You are truly inspirational.


Thank you so very much for four days of enlightenment! I found the course both empowering and inspiring. It has helped me to understand so much more about myself and others, and because of this I feel more comfortable with who I am as well as more confident and self-assured. It has also left me feeling more positive about my career, and that I may be able to get where I want to be.

I will sign off by saying another thank you for introducing me to a network of wonderful women who are all trying to do their job as best they can whilst juggling whatever else life throws at them. I feel very lucky to be part of it.


The course is really good and allows you to learn about yourself and others and really analyse your own makeup as well as other peoples, which really helps in understanding why some interactions really work and others don’t.